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10 Tips For Giving Good Head He’ll Remember

Tips For Giving Good Head

1. Tips For Giving Good Head

Oral sex: brilliant, isn’t it? It’s ridiculously intimate, severely sensual, and you don’t necessarily have to take all your clothes off to do it. Whether it’s part of foreplay or an act in itself, being a skilled fellatrix ramps up your bedroom (or back seat of car) technique considerably.

But trust me, there’s more to fellatio than, as we Brits so tastefully put it, getting your gob round his nob or your gums round his plums. The best oral sex exponents use their mouths, their tongues, their fingers, their eyes, their voice and—most importantly—their brain (but not their teeth, unless it’s been asked for). I’m assuming that you already know Rule No. 1 about blow jobs—you don’t blow—so here are the basic ground rules from a male point of view…

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